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Moderate plant water stress reduces fruit drop of “Rojo Brillante” persimmon (Diospyros kaki) in a Mediterranean climate

Autores: E. Badal, T.A. Abd El-Mageed, I. Buesa, D. Guerra, L. Bonet, D.S. Intrigliolo,
Palabras clave: Deficit irrigation; Fruit abscission; Stem water potential
Fecha de publicación: 2013
Publicado en: Agricultural Water Management

Moderate plant water stress reduces fruit drop of “Rojo Brillante” persimmon (Diospyros kaki) in a Mediterranean climateSpring fruit drop is a crucial determinant for yield in persimmon trees. Several environmental and tree
endogenous factors can determine the magnitude of this physiological phenomenon. In this sense, plant
water status might play a pivotal role in persimmon fruit drop occurring during spring. The main purpose
of this study was to establish and quantify the effects of plant water stress on fruit drop of the ‘Rojo
Brillante’ persimmon cultivar. To achieve this goal, a field experiment was conducted during three consecutive
seasons with mature trees. Three irrigation regimes were tested: Control, always well watered;
and two deficit irrigation (DI) treatments where water was applied at 50% of the Control regime during
May and June (DIearly) or during July and August (DIlate). Plant water stress was monitored by means of
midday stem water potential (stem) readings. The seasonal variation of fruit drop was quantified during
the entire fruit abscission period. Both DI regimes led to lower fruit drop than the Control (31 and 12%
lower fruit drop for DIearly and DIlate, respectively). In addition, in the last two experimental seasons, there
was a highly significant relationship between the amount of fruit that dropped during the physiological
fruit drop and the average stem for the period of water restrictions. However, the timing of water stress
also affected the existing relationships. Early season water stress had a greater effect on reducing fruit
abscission during the second wave of fruit drop. In semi-arid climates, this knowledge can be used for
increasing ‘Rojo Brillante’ persimmon fruit set by restricting irrigation applications during late spring.

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